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Drama & Performance degrees

Our Drama & Performance programmes give you the opportunity to direct, write, devise and design performance work alongside examining the cultural contexts of drama and the theories that have spurred its development and informed how we understand it.

There are opportunities to explore the diverse ‘applications’ of drama (in TV, live theatre, film and online), its social and historical significance, and its community roles and roles in education.

Leading theatre companies and practitioners regularly visit to work with students, to provide workshops and to grow your understanding of the profession in support of your employability. The course addresses the needs of students who, on graduating, are interested in theatre (performance, technical theatre, writing, directing, theatre/arts administration) or in teaching, theatre-in-education, youth theatre or community theatre. Students are regularly involved in public performance and the course’s networks of professional and community contacts generate numerous opportunities for ‘earn as you learn’ paid work.

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Drama & Performance degrees

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