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Key Concepts and Principles in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Methodology (LANG3001)

This module introduces students to the key concepts and practices in communicative TEFL methodology and covers four areas of study:

  • teaching the four skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening
  • course content and design
  • planning and managing lessons
  • learner differences

This module offers an insight into both the main theoretical and practical perspectives in TEFL. It sets the foundation for those students who might be considering teaching English as a foreign language after graduating from university.

Taking this module does not lead to a recognised qualification in TEFL. If you are interested in obtaining a widely recognised TEFL certificate, you may be interested in our CELTA options.

Module content

Outline and assessment


On this module you will develop a better understanding of:

  • integrating your knowledge of the key elements of the English language and its application in a TEFL setting
  • a communicative approach to teaching of English as a foreign language
  • the implications of the teaching of the four skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening in the context of TEFL
  • the evaluation of course content and materials to be used on a TEFL course
  • assessing and implementing the key components in planning and managing individual TEFL lessons
  • the implications of different types of learners in a TEFL setting


  • Course reflection (20%)
  • Coursework task (40%)
  • 2 presentations (micro-lessons) (40%)


Transferrable skills and progression

The course covers transferrable skills such as team building, time management and cultural awareness. You will also gain skills in observation and critical reflection, which can be applied in any study or work context. 

You will develop your awareness of the English language, enabling you to improve your own language skills in preparation for teaching others to improve theirs. You will be able to broaden your horizon by looking through the eyes of a foreign learner of English and lay the foundation for embarking on a career in TEFL.

If you decide that a TEFL career is for you, this module is excellent preparation for our CELTA course.

Entry requirements


There are no pre-requisite modules. LANG3001 is an open 15-credit module at level 6. However, if you have not taken any TEFL modules before, please contact Penny Golightly to discuss the demands of the module.

How to enrol

Module selection

You can enrol for this module on your SOLE page: go to the student portal > SOLE > Module information > Select modules. If you are unsure whether your course programme allows you to select this module, ask a programme adviser.