Student Printing, Scanning and Top-up

Devices for students to print, photocopy and scan are available on most campus sites and are networked to the student PCs. Multi Function Devices (MFDs) can photocopy, scan and print.

 Use the table below to locate the services you require:

Services available 
 St Johns Campus
 Peirson Study and Guidance Centre
 Photocopying, Scanning, Black and White Printing, Colour Printing, Top-up Kiosks
 St Johns Campus  Edward Elgar; EEG031
 Photocopying, Black and White Printing
 St Johns Campus
 Edward Elgar; Digital Arts Centre
 Photocopying, Black and White Printing, Colour Printing
 St Johns Campus
 Edward Elgar; Main reception
 Top-up Kiosk
 Severn Campus
 Riverside Building
 Black and White Printing
 Severn Campus
 The Garage; Art studio
 Black and White Printing, Colour Printing
 City Campus
 Charles Hastings; PC Labs (various)
 Black and White Printing, Colour Printing
 City Campus
 Charles Hastings; Cafe
 Photocopying, Black and White Printing, Colour Printing, Top-up Kiosk
 The Hive
 Levels 0-3
 Photocopying, Scanning, Black and White Printing, Colour Printing, Top-up Kiosks
 City Campus
 Jenny Lind; Reception
 Photocopying, Scanning and Black and White Printing

You can use the Webprint service, available on your Student Application Portal to submit print jobs away from campus or through mobile devices such as laptops, tablets or smartphones.

Top-up kiosks can be used to add credit to your account to print and photocopy. These machines accept cash in British Stirling and do not give change. Credit for Print and Copy topped up in this way can also be used to pay for items at University catering areas such as the St Johns Campus Made For You Canteen or City Campus Café. To add credit via a credit or debit card please use the Uprint application on your Student Application Portal. The Uprint service can also be used to pay off any library fines you may have incurred.

Looking to bind your Independent Study or better protect/show off a special assignment? Our Production Print Service will professionally bind your printed work in a softback cover with your choice of 4 colours. 

This service costs £2.50 per copy but is free for final year students binding up to 2 copies of their Independent Study. Further copies are chargeable at the normal rate. To do this fill out a form at Firstpoint in the Peirson Study and Guidance Centre on St Johns Campus, pay if required or get your form stamped if you are eligible for free binding. Finally bring this form and your printed work over to the Bredon Building, room BB 063 (follow the signs for Production Print Services). Binding takes approximately 30 minutes to fully cure so please leave plenty of time before your deadline, particularly during busy periods!

Got an assignment poster that needs printing or an existing poster that needs laminating? We can do that for you! Using our best in class Epson 9090 HD Wide format printer we can produce posters between A3 and A0 in size. Posters up to A1 in size can also be laminated for an additional fee. In the same manner as binding please get your forms for this service from Firstpoint. Follow the instructions on the back of the form, pay at Firstpoint and bring your files/existing poster, and receipted form, over to BB 063 to be printed or laminated. Posters can take up to seven days depending on workload, but will normally be produced within three.

Note: Large format posters can only be printed in quality as good as the file they are produced from, so please ensure that your .pdf poster files are as high resolution as possible to achieve the best results and avoid any disappointment.

Current pricing:
- A0 poster: £16
- A1 poster: £8
- A2 poster: £6

- Laminating per A1 sheet: £3.50
- Laminating per A2 sheet: £2.00
- Laminating per A3 sheet: £1.00
- Laminating per A4 sheet: £0.50