Worcester's Medical Museums to Recruit New Trainee

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Those with a passion and enthusiasm for the past and the world around them will get the chance to explore a potential new career opportunity at Worcester’s two medical museums later this week.

The Infirmary Museum and the George Marshall Medical Museum will be hosting a Taster Day on Friday, between 10am and 2pm, at which 18-24 year-olds can find out more about museums generally and the new Traineeship at both sites, which is available from August.

The trainee position – which has been created thanks to a new partnership with the British Museum as part of the ‘Learning Museum’ project - will give one 18-24 year-old the chance to join the museums for twelve months.

The aim of the project is to diversify the workforce, and to recruit people who may never have previously considered a career in heritage. The trainee will get the opportunity to visit the nine other partner organisations throughout the UK, as well as the British Museum, and work on the collections housed at both Worcester sites.

A degree is not essential for the role, and the position includes a tax-free bursary.

Mark MacLeod, Head of the Infirmary, explains: “We have already held a couple of Taster Days, and many of the attendees at those events had not visited a museum in years, if at all. They were full of energy and ideas, and left thinking that museums were fun places to work.

“Attendees on Friday will learn how to handle old artefacts, compose engaging tours and learn more about the collections at the Infirmary and George Marshall Museums, and they may even discover a new career path.”

Both museums are open for the Taster Day between 10am and 2pm on Friday, with booking not necessary.

The Learning Museum project is funded by Skills for the Future, which supports work-based training in a wide range of skills that are needed to look after buildings, landscapes, habitats, species, and museum and archive collections, as well as equipping people to lead education and outreach programmes, manage volunteers and utilise digital technologies.