Worcester Teaching Students Awarded Scholarships to Volunteer in Sri Lanka

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Two teaching students at the University of Worcester are flying to Sri Lanka to work with disabled children and their families.

Alice Maynard and Amelia Spicer, who are in the second year of a Primary Initial Teacher Education course at the University, have received £750 each from the University’s Scholarship Panel to help fund the trip.

They will be volunteering with the Mentally Handicapped Children & Families Educational Project (MENCAFEP) in Sri Lanka.

Alice, who is 19 years old and from Leicester, joined by Amelia, who is 20 years old and from Kenilworth, Warwickshire, decided to volunteer for the project last year when a friend of theirs told them about it.

Encouraged by their lecturers, this July Alice and Amelia will work for a month with disabled children, teaching them a variety of subjects.

Amelia said: “We felt like we had something to give to these kids and learn from the programme. We are both excited to go there. Our biggest challenge will be the language barrier, but as it is something that we haven’t done before we are really looking forward to do it.”

Alice added: “We were absolutely surprised when we heard we were awarded the scholarships. We will put the money into covering our costs and all the money we managed to fundraise, through a children’s party, car boot sale and family cake sale we organised, will go to the charity.”

Students can apply to the scholarship scheme at two points in the year (1st December and 1st March) for up to £1,000 towards voluntary work or activities, to pursue a particular interest, ie music or arts, or towards course-related activities.

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