Worcester Paramedic Student Shortlisted for National Award

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A first-year Paramedic student at the University of Worcester, has been shortlisted for the Course Representative of the Year Award at the National Union of Students’ Awards 2013.

Michael Anslow, from Shrewsbury, Shropshire, recently received two other awards in recognition of his hard work as a Student Academic Representative (StAR) at the University of Worcester. The 21-year-old received the StAR of the Year award for the Institute of Health and Society at the University, as well as the ‘100 Hours Exceptional Attainment in Volunteering’ award, at Worcester Students’ Union’s annual Volunteering and Societies Awards.

He said: “I am overwhelmed to be nominated for the NUS award and to have been presented with the Worcester Students’ Union awards. I'd like to thank Worcester Students’ Union for creating such an effective StAR system that allows students’ voices to be heard and valued, giving individuals the motivation to influence positive changes for their courses. Without this system, the changes I have influenced would not have been possible. I have thoroughly enjoyed my work as a StAR, and hope to continue the role into my final year of studies.”

In addition to these awards, Michael, who is studying Paramedic Science at the University of Worcester, was also presented with the Worcester Award from the University, which recognises a range of activities and experiences, both within and outside students’ assessed coursework, which can contribute towards their future employability.

As part of his volunteering experience, Michael recorded over 80 hours as a StAR, ensuring that the voice of his fellow students was heard. He also completed over 60 hours last summer volunteering in Nepal, working in a rehabilitation home with children who had Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome and people with severe learning difficulties.

Michael also proved his commitment to his course through volunteering at the University as a patient to help with second-year-students practical sessions.

“I have decided to embrace any opportunities made available to me as a university student,” he said. “I know how competitive the job market is at present and how many applicants are applying for the limited number of job vacancies.”

During the Worcester Students’ Union awards ceremony, 12 students were awarded Special Volunteering awards, including six who were named the best StAR of the Year and four received awards for contribution to student societies.

The role of the StAR involves reporting to the Students’ Union Vice President Education, course leaders and the StAR Coordinator for each academic institute. Their main tasks include representing students’ views at course level, attending and making a positive contribution to the Course Management Committee and helping to develop solutions to problems identified by students.

Kynton Swingle, President of Worcester’s Students’ Union, said: “The Volunteering and Societies Awards is a great event that showcases the fantastic work our students do outside of their studies. The variety of work and the massive number of hours they put in is phenomenal, so it’s a great way to celebrate their achievements and show how amazing our students are.”