Worcester Journalism Students in Olympic Project

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Five journalism students from the University of Worcester will be involved in Olympics coverage as part of a project involving American students and the Chicago Tribune.

They will be working with a team from Ball State University, Indiana, which has a partnership with the University of Worcester and which will be using Worcester as a base for their Olympic coverage.

Forty journalism students from Ball State, together with the five Worcester students, will rotate between the city and a London base to provide material for the Olympics.

They are joined by Alex Borden, a graphics designer at the flagship US daily, the Chicago Tribune. He will be supporting content with graphics to enable material to meet the high standards required for publication both on and off line.

The Worcester team will help with the gathering of content for the Tribune, the daily Star Press in Muncie, Indiana and Indiana Public Radio (IPR).

The Worcester students will also be seeking publication for regional stories in the West Midlands and hope to pick up a few exclusive pieces to offer to the nationals.

Claire Wolfe, Subject leader in Journalism at Worcester, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for our students to be involved in one of the biggest sporting events ever to be held in Britain.

“The project demonstrates all the exciting strands to journalism and communications today with social media being at the forefront of the news agenda. The marketing of the event has been very impressive and our students will learn a lot from this.”

Luke Pollard, one of the Worcester students, said: “I hope to build to some great connections in the world of journalism. I also think that this project will provide a great experience and something to which I can look back on in the future and think, 'That really kicked off my career in Journalism'.”

The Ball State students arrive on July 24, but some of them will have arrived in June as part of a regular summer school held at the University.

The Ball State team will use the opportunity to demonstrate their multi-platform skills with material going onto their own live website dedicated to the Olympics. This material will include video, audio and web text.

Social media will also play a large role in the process with Twitter and Facebook being updated constantly and interaction taking place, where possible, with athletes. The team are already following 400 athletes and producing stories in advance. They are also using RSS feeds to ensure the account is constantly updated.

The journalism team has been accredited as press and is on the official press release lists.

The students Olympics Facebook page is active at!/bsuatthegames  and Twitter @bsuatthegames

Their main sports website is at  and the student newspaper at