Worcester Academics Launch Revolutionary Psychology Textbook for Teachers

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Two academics from the University of Worcester have collaborated to write a new textbook which publishers Sage have rated as one of their top five education titles of the year.

‘Psychology for Teachers’ explains how psychology can be intelligently applied in the classroom to meet the needs of different learners.

Dr Scott Buckler, Senior Lecturer in the Institute of Education, and Dr Paul Castle, Senior Lecturer in the Institute of Sport and Exercise Science, have spent three years working on the book, which combines their respective expertise and utilises traditional and more recent theories within psychology, in an attempt to further the teaching profession.

Dr Buckler explains: “The book is supported by research findings and an awareness of what goes into high quality teaching.

“Our focus is to enable teachers to develop an informed educational philosophy and personal psychology, and this is achieved through reflections, activities and an accompanying website of resources –”

Themes from the developing areas of transpersonal psychology and positive psychology - such as developing mindfulness with learners - feature, representing an area which Dr Buckler strongly advocates as a transpersonal psychologist, given the research evidence of the many benefits learners can derive from such practice.

Equally important, as Dr Castle, a Health and Care Professions Council-registered practitioner and Chartered Psychologist, advocates, is the need to combine a theoretical understanding of neurological, cognitive, emotional and social development in learners, with an understanding of applied psychology in both learners and teachers. 

Dr Castle adds: “The inclusion of applied psychological techniques throughout the book enables readers to develop their own psychological approach to the classroom and wider aspects of teaching. In doing so, the teacher is better able to operate successfully within their profession.”

Prior to this week’s release date, the book had already been requested by over 150 academics across the country, with Dr Ioanna Palaiologou, Chartered Psychologist at the University of Hull, among those to already endorse the book.

Dr Palaiologou says: “This is a must read book, as it offers a comprehensive guide to psychological issues that concern educationalists. It should be owned by all students that aim to be teachers, as well as by all working in education.”

‘Psychology for Teachers’ is available from Sage Publications Ltd, or through any commercial bookseller.