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Careers and Leadership Development

Generating academic research in careers and leadership development.

About us

Welcome to the Careers and Leadership Development Research Group. We are a group of academics and research students from across the University of Worcester, based mainly in Worcester Business School, with interests in a broad range of careers and leadership development-related topics. Our aims are:

1. To conduct research to generate academic knowledge in the areas of careers and leadership development, including:

a. The nature of careers (Gender and careers; changing nature of work and careers; professionalism; careers in the not for profit sector; management and leadership identity)
b. Career development (Coaching and mentoring; career coaching)
c. Career competencies (Career competencies; developing student employability; pedagogy for business education)
d. Leadership development (Dilemmas in leadership; performance and enhancement in leadership; followership)

2. To provide research-based solutions in afore-mentioned areas

3. To undertake research to enhance the learning experience and employability of WBS students and graduates