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Valerie Gorton

Principal Lecturer & International Coordinator, Institute

Institute of Health & Society

Contact Details


tel: 01905 85 5383


RGN, HV, BSc, MSc (Econ)

Teaching & Research

Teaching & Research


Globalisation of health
International and cultural dimensions of health care
Partnerships and collaboration
Community Care
Management Issues
Quality Assurance


Effects of student nurse placements on Learning Disabilities clients and carers 1992.
Evaluation of Homebase placements within a Making a Difference curriculum 2001-2003

Professional Experience

Professional Experience


Member of the Federation of International Nurse educators in Europe (FINE EU) Specialist Advisory Panel

Co-chair and Founder of the Federation of International Nurse educators in Europe UK Group (FINE UK)




October 2010 Paper presented at the FINE EU Conference in Lisbon “The UK approach to FINE EU membership”

February 2010 Paper presented at the RcN Education Forum conference in Blackpool
“Nursing is a Global Health Activity”

September 2009 Chapter 5 “Nursing as a Global Health Activity” in Hall C & Ritchie D Essential
“What is Nursing? Exploring Theory and Practice” published by Learning Matters Ltd. UK

June 2009 Two papers presented at the RcN International Education Forum conference in Glasgow
“Romania to Bulgaria – a UK Journey” and “ERASMUS for nursing students – Fact or Fiction?”

Nursing Standard September 2009 “Steer your Career” Vol. 24 p.72 RcN Publishing Co. Ltd

April 2009 Joint paper presented at the SPERA conference in Australia
“Whyalla-Worcester connection: The value of short-term rural clinical placements” Joy Penman, Valerie Gorton, Katy Darby and Karl Jones

June 2005 Paper presented at the 7th International Family Nursing Conference in Canada
"Is free care from cradle to grave for all families relevant or achievable in a Welfare State in the 21st century?"

October 2004 Paper presented at FINE (European Confederation of Nurse Educators) Conference in Romania
"Problem based learning prepares students to take responsibility for their own learning".

September 2004 Presentation of paper at Nurse Education Tomorrow conference Durham
“Individual Student Learning contracts”

June 2004 Two papers presented at the Lifelong Learning conference in Queensland, Australia
“Individual student learning contracts to facilitate overseas study opportunities” and
“The moral and ethical dilemmas of global movement of healthcare professionals”

September 2002 Presentation at Nurse Education Tomorrow conference Durham
“Multiprofessional shared learning”

September 2000 Presentation at Nurse Education Tomorrow conference Durham,UK
“The challenges of clinical placements for pre-registration education programmes within changing healthcare delivery”

External Responsibilities

External Responsibilities