University's Key to Health and Wellbeing

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The University of Worcester has launched a new initiative to help the people of Worcester get back into shape after the Christmas and New Year festivities.

The Wellness Key is the latest gadget to help motivate people in their training regime. It slots into any piece of equipment in the University’s McClelland Health and Wellbeing Centre’s state-of-the-art exercise suite, and acts as your own personal digital trainer.

Howard Skerry, McClelland Centre manager, said: “When you do a workout using the key, everything you do is recorded – including your heart rate and the number of calories you’ve burnt up. At the end of the session you can see how you’ve done and compare your performance with previous sessions to see if you’re making progress.

“Not only that, you can also access all of this information later at home online if you want to, simply by logging on to the system’s website.

“The key can also be programmed to contain set workout programmes for you to follow, making sure you are motivated to complete your routine.”

Use of the key is now available and costs £5 a month for old and new members alike. Monthly membership fees apply.

Mr Skerry added: “We’re really excited about this new development. Our centre contains some of the best equipment I’ve ever seen – and the Wellness Key now makes it second to none. We’re convinced the key can help people stay more motivated, and help them keep fit and well for longer than ever at a very reasonable price.”