University Welcomes Worcester's Mayor

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The Mayor of Worcester paid a visit to the City’s University to see its facilities and speak to students and staff.

Mayor, Cllr Paul Denham, and Mayoress, Cllr Lynn Denham, were given a guided tour of the University of Worcester before meeting with the University’s Vice Chancellor and Chief Executive, Professor David Green.

Their visit included a tour of the University of Worcester Arena, The Hive, the City Campus, including the Infirmary medical museum, and the science laboratories at the St John’s Campus.

The Mayor and Mayoress, both city councillors, also spoke with current students and recent graduates asking them about their experiences at the University and of living in the City.

Mayor Cllr Denham said: “It’s fascinating to see it on the ground and to realise what is actually going on inside these buildings.

“It has always been obvious to me that the University offers a tremendous opportunity, not just in terms of increased offer for learning, but also in the economic addition that it makes to the City and that’s certainly proved to be the case.”

He particularly praised The Hive and the University of Worcester Arena.

“These are two absolutely superb buildings in Worcester,” he said.

“The Hive is unique being a university and public library. I have loved that building ever since I saw the first drawing of it. It’s fantastic that the Arena was designed around people that wanted to play disability sport.

“I admire this University’s ability to find things that other universities aren’t doing or haven’t done.

“It puts the University on the map but also the city of Worcester on the map. It’s an asset to the City.”