University Welcomes Funding for Midwife-Led Unit in Worcestershire

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The University of Worcester has welcomed the news that a midwife-led birthing unit is set to be introduced at the Worcestershire Royal Hospital.

Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust has received £497,000 worth of funding from the national Improving Maternity Care Settings Fund to provide the unit, which will enable women to have the choice of a consultant or midwife-led birth.

The University, which works in close partnership with the Worcestershire Acute Hospitals Trust and is the National Childbirth Trust’s university partner of choice, has a long-standing commitment to contributing to the best and safest birth environments for women.

Last July, the University held the sixth Annual Birth Conference (pictured), which debated the merits of midwife-led units, with feedback after the conference demonstrating what the Conference Chair, Professor Mary Nolan, called a ‘very strong desire in the profession to ensure that first class midwife led units are created throughout the UK’.

Reacting to this week’s funding announcement, Sarah Snow, Lead Midwife for Education at the University of Worcester and award winner from the Royal College of Midwives, said: “We are delighted that there is to be a midwife-led unit at the Worcestershire Royal Hospital.

“All the scientific evidence shows that the creation of such units leads to better, safer birth outcomes overall for mothers and their babies.

 “The creation of this new unit will also provide marvellous new opportunities for educating the student midwives whom the country so badly needs.”

The University’s work in educating midwives, in partnership with the Worcestershire Acute Hospitals Trust has consistently received outstanding evaluations in the regular, independent Inspection Reports from the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

The University’s outstanding reputation in this area means that it receives over 30 applications for every place to study to become a qualified midwife.