University Students Take to the Stage at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

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Four University of Worcester students performed their interactive show Limbo to large international audiences last week at the world’s biggest arts festival, The Edinburgh Fringe.

Rob Brittain, from Worcester, Vicki Stokes, from Stourbridge, Richard Wishart, from Malvern and Samantha Franklin from Birmingham were each granted a £500 University of Worcester Scholarship to stage their work at the festival.

The four students met on the Masters course, Contemporary Theatre Performance, at the University of Worcester, and formed the theatre company Chandelier Horse.

They performed their 12-hour production, Limbo, to thousands of spectators who were able to take part in the interactive show. Rob, Vicki, Richard and Samantha portrayed ‘occupants’ trapped inside a large box fighting it out for the audience’s love and attention to become an “overnight” celebrity. During this time they were challenged by a series of tasks dictated by audience members. But as exhaustion set in, how willing were they to flatter the voyeuristic viewing public with their antics?

Describing the installation piece, Rob Brittain said: “Limbo questions not only the nature of celebrity and the way it’s portrayed, packaged and perceived but also how we mark the passing of our own time.”

Commenting on the scholarship, Rob added: “Theatre is such a difficult and demanding sector to become successful in, so exposure is an incredibly important aspect for a career in the arts. The scholarship from the University of Worcester gave us an advantage and the ability to perform our work at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to thousands of spectators and potential funders, producers and theatre critics. We are incredibly grateful for such a significant contribution, which has enabled the performance to become fully realised.”

The Chandelier Horse Theatre Company will be performing Limbo from 8am to 8pm on Friday 16 August at the Kidderminster Arts Festival at Kidderminster Town Hall. The event is free to attend.