University Students Benefit from Wychavon Scholarships

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A reception took place at the University of Worcester Arena last week to mark the first year of students receiving scholarships from Wychavon District Council.

The scholarship scheme is designed to support undergraduate students from the Wychavon district who are studying full time courses at the University of Worcester, with 49 first year students receiving the £500 scholarship this year.

The scholarships are funded by Wychavon District Council through New Homes Bonus allocations, and will also support students who enrol at the University in 2014 and 2015.

University of Worcester Vice Chancellor, Professor David Green; Councillor Gerry O’Donnell, Chairman of Wychavon District Council; and Councillor Paul Middleborough, Leader of Wychavon District Council, all spoke about the benefits of the innovative scheme.

Professor Green explains: “Wychavon District Council approached us with this proposal a couple of years ago, as they wanted to encourage the young people in their area to enter higher education.

“They are renowned as an innovative and enterprising council, and they recognised that the future of their area lies in educated, skilled people participating in society and making the most of their own rich potential.

“Therefore, we are truly delighted to have entered into this trailblazing partnership with the council. Partnerships such as this, and the support of local organisations, are vital to the work the University does, and this Scholarship programme shows the importance of skilled, educated and enterprising people to any region that aspires to grow and develop.”

At the reception, Mr O’Donnell said: “It’s a privilege to be here, and we’d like to thank the University of Worcester for welcoming our proposal with open arms.

“I like to think of Wychavon as a family, and we look after members of that family in a distinctive, unique and considerate way.

“As in any family, education is extremely important, so we were keen to enter into this partnership because of our interest in getting the right education for the people of Wychavon. Our young people are about to be launched into a global race, and we want them to have the best start possible.

“We hope the students enjoy their time at University, and that they stay, work and prosper in Wychavon.”

Scholarship recipient Lesley La-Croix, who is studying Drama and Performance, added: “It’s great that the council are recognising and helping people in the area, and I think that the Scholarship scheme will certainly inspire other Wychavon residents to attend University and make the most of their potential.”