University Students and Staff Smash 'Around the World' Mileage Target

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The University of Worcester’s fundraising and fitness drive, Around the World in 80 Days, came to an end yesterday after students and staff logged over 40,000 miles – comfortably clearing the initial 24,902-mile target.

The project – designed to encourage students and staff to take part in more physical activity whilst also raising money for St Richard’s Hospice – asked people to log the miles they were walking, running, cycling or completing through any other physical activity, with the overall target being the equivalent to the equatorial circumference of the Earth.

As part of the challenge, students and staff were invited to complete the ‘University Mile’ around the St John’s campus, as well as logging any other exercise they took part in, and the target was reached on Monday April 7, day 64 of the challenge.

In total over the 80 days, 42,477 miles were logged, and all sponsorship will now be donated to St Richard’s Hospice, the University’s Charity of the Year.

Louise Jones, Director of Health and Wellbeing at the University, said: “I am delighted that members of the University community have taken up the Around the World in 80 Days challenge so positively.

“It has been inspiring to see the increase in awareness of the benefits of physical activity leading to more people be active, in ways such as walking between campuses, cycling to work and even holding walking tutorials!”

The University of Worcester’s Vice Chancellor, Professor David Green, and the Chief Executive of St Richard’s Hospice, Mark Jackson OBE, got the ball rolling by completing the first ‘University Mile’ on the opening day of the challenge, February 3.

Since then, many students and staff have completed the mile as individuals or in small groups. Miles have also been completed by the children and staff of the University nursery and Free Radio Breakfast Show host Hursty, who completed the mile as part of his training for the Worcester Half Marathon on May 4th.