University Staff and Students to Support the Fairtrade Foundation

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A cake sale organised by the University of Worcester’s Community Development Workers aims to raise funds in support of the Fairtrade Foundation.

The Fairtrade Cakes Sale will take place on Thursday, February 28, from 12pm to 2pm at the Main Reception at St John’s Campus.

Students and staff are invited to take part in making cakes, with the condition to use at least one Fairtrade product as part of the recipes.

The collected funds will be donated to the Fairtrade Foundation, which works toward sustainable development by transforming trading structures in developing countries. The Foundation also aims to empower marginalised workers to campaign for fairer trading structures in their own communities.

Siya Mngaza, University Community Development Worker, said: “We hope that all members of the University of Worcester can take part in the Fairtrade Cake Sale. Whether baking a cake, or purchasing a cake. We look forward to raising awareness of the Fairtrade mission and we’re extremely excited about all the delightful cakes. We’re inviting everyone to get involved.”

The Cake Sale is part of the Fairtrade Fortnight events, which are running from the February 25 until March 10. They aim to make people to ‘Go Further for Fairtrade’ by taking small steps to increase their involvement in the Fairtrade mission.

For further information and expressing interest in taking part in the event, please email Siya Mngaza at