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University Policies & Procedures

This page contains links to those policies, procedures and associated guidance that apply across the University. It therefore aims to provide a reference guide to such information housed on departmental webpages.

This page is managed by Helen Johnstone, Head of Information Assurance, based on information from departments. Queries relating to potentially missing information, or to broken links, etc. should be addressed to Queries about the policies, procedures or guidance themselves should be addressed directly to the author, where known.

New or revised policies and processes should align with the University's Policy Framework. You can download blank templates for Policies and Procedures.


Abuse/Neglect (Guidance for Responding to Allegations)
Academic Appeals Procedure & Flowchart
(Personal) Academic Tutoring Policy
(Personal) Academic Tutoring: Guidance
Admissions Policy
Admissions Complaints Procedure
Admission of Students who are Ex-Offenders: Policy
Adoption: Guide to Leave, Pay and post-Adoption Rights
Alleged Cheating - Procedures for Investigating
APL Procedures and Guidance for Recognition
Applying for Jobs at the University: Guidance
Appointment of Professors Policy and Procedure
Appraisal (ADPR) Procedure
Assessment: Policy and Procedures on Inclusive Assessment
Assessment Policy
Avoiding Allegations of Abuse/Neglect - Guidance linked to Safeguarding


Bursary Policy (Healthcare Professions)


CCTV Policy
Cheating (Alleged): Procedures for Investigation
Children on Campus Policy
Class Cancellation Policy
Collaborative/Partnership Academic Arrangements Policy
Complaints Procedure (Students) & Flowchart
Consensual Relationships Policy
Contractors Health and Safety Induction Book
Counselling (for staff) Policy and Procedure
Course Closure, Suspension and Major Change Policy
Course Closure, Suspension and Substantial Change Procedure (& Flowchart)
Course Management and Administration: Registry Services Guidance
Course Management Committee Policy (and Role of Student Academic Representatives)
CRB (Disclosure and Barring Service) Data Storage Policy (Students)
Curriculum Design Policy
Curriculum Design: Guidance (Curriculum 2013 - Undergraduate)
Curriculum Design: Guidance (Foundation Degrees)


Data Protection Policy (link to UW Data Protection Pages)
Dealing with Harassment and Bullying Policy
Dealing with Harassment and Bullying Procedure & Flowchart
Debt Management Policy (Students)
Discipline (staff) Policy
Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS - formerly CRB) Data Storage Policy (Students)
Disclosure and Barring Service Checking Procedure (Staff): Appendix: Regulated Activity
Flowchart showing process for managing staff DBS Checks
Document Retention Guidance
Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse & Stalking Policy (App2 - Disclosure by staff) (App3 - Disclosure by students)


Recruitment and Employment of People with Criminal Records
Flowchart showing process for managing disclosure of unspent convictions
Environmental Policy
Equality of Opportunity Policy
Ethics Policy

External Examiners - Regulations for the Appointment of
Eye Test Guidance (Provision of)


Fire Safety Policy
Fitness to Practise Procedure
Flexible Working Policy
Foundation Degrees: Policy on Progression to Top-Up/Honours Degrees
Framework for the Management of Quality Assurance and Enhancement
Fraud Policy
Freedom of Information Policy
Freedom of Speech (Code of Practice)


Gifts, Hospitality & Bribery Prevention Policy
Grievance Procedure


Health and Safety Policy
Health and Safety Risk Assessment Process
HND/FD Relationship with BA/BSc Programmes: Policy Statement


ICT Regulations
Improving Performance Procedure
Independent Study: Guidance for Making Optional
Induction (staff) - Please log in to the Staff Blackboard page for Induction Modules
Information Security Policy
Information Classification Handling
Intellectual Property Policy
International Collaborations (Memoranda of Understanding)
International Mobility Policy (Staff)
International Mobility Policy (Students)


Key (Security of) Policy


Learning and Teaching Guidance for Staff
Learning Outcomes (Guidance for the Writing of)
Legionnella Management Policy
Library Regulations
Link Tutor Guidance
Lone Working Guidance


Marketing and Publicity Materials (Approval of by Collaborative Partnerships): Policy
Maternity: Guide to Leave, Pay and post-Maternity Rights
Memoranda of Understanding (International Collaborations)
Meningitis (Management Protocol)
Mentoring Handbook
Minimum Qualifications for Staff/Associate Staff Policy
Mitigating Circumstances: Procedure
Module Codes (Guidance for the Allocation and Changing of)
Module Evaluation Policy
Module Outline: Guidance on Best Practice


Open Access Policy (opens in Google Drive)
Overseas Travel (Staff) Guidance


Partnerships/Collaborative Academic Arrangements Policy
Patents and Inventions Policy
Paternity: Guide to Leave, Pay and post-Paternity Rights
Peer Supported Review of Teaching Policy
Permit to Work (Contractors) Policy
Personal Academic Tutoring Policy
Personal Academic Tutoring Guidance
Placement and Work-based Learning Policy 
Plagiarism Policy (Procedure for Investigating Alleged Cheating)
Prizes (Awarding of University Prizes): Policy and Procedure
Probation Policy
Professional Statutory and Regulatory Bodies (PSRB): Policy
Purchasing Policy (Finance)


Quality Assurance Processes (Procedures)


Recognition Agreements (Collaborative Provision): Procedure
Recognition of Prior Learning (Procedure and Guidance)
Recruitment and Selection Policy and Guidance
Recruitment and Selection - Guidance for Presentation Panels
Recruitment and Selection - Employment of People with a Conviction (Policy)
Referencing Policy
Registry Services: Range of Practical Guidance for Course Management and Administration
Relationships between Staff, Students and Business Associates Policy
Research Degrees - Regulatory Framework
Research Ethics Procedure
Research Funding Procedure
Research Practice: Guidelines and Procedure
Responding to Allegations of Abuse/Neglect - Guidance linked to Safeguarding
Risk Management Policy


Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults Policy - Risk Assessment Example
Sickness Management Policy and Procedure
Similarity Detection Policy (Personal Statements on UCAS Applications)
Social Media Policy (Responsible Use of)
Student Academic Representatives (StARs) - Election/Selection Guidance
Student Attendance Policy
Student Charter
Student Code of Conduct
Student Debt Management Policy
Student Feedback and Module Evaluation Policy


Taught Courses Regulatory Framework
Travel Policy (Work-related Travel)
Turnitin Policy


Whistleblowing Policy
Withdrawal from the University (student fees)
Work-related Driving Policy
Work-related Travel Policy
Work Placements for Disabled Students: Guidance
Workstation Guidance (Health and Safety)