University of Worcester Awarded First Class Honours in Green League

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The University of Worcester has been named among Britain's greenest universities for the fourth straight year.

The University has been awarded “First Class Honours” in the People & Planet’s Green League, published in The Guardian today.

This year’s league table, produced by the well established student environment group People & Planet, evaluates the strength of each university’s environmental initiatives and performance and takes a long their plans to improve sustainability.

Professor David Green, University of Worcester Vice Chancellor, said: “This is the fourth consecutive year that the University of Worcester has achieved first class marks in the Green League tables. This is thanks to all members of the University – students and staff alike – who have worked positively to promote energy efficiency, recycling, cut private car journeys, shop locally, reduce carbon emissions and support Fair Trade and sustainability at home and abroad.

“Environmental sustainability is a great question of our time. There are many initiatives underway to improve still further the University's performance and all-round contribution. Recent developments and investments range from the installation of charging points for electric vehicles to work to develop and extend the study of environmental sustainability in the curriculum.

“This year we have begun to generate our own electricity through photo-voltaic panels on the roof of one of our largest buildings, which has itself been substantially environmentally improved through excellent roof insulation and careful refurbishment. The roof of the Worcester Arena has been designed to be ready for electricity generation as this technology improves. The Hive is cooled in the summer and warmed in the winter by water drawn from the River Severn. At the heart of the University's success in this work is the commitment of colleagues and students to the simple ways in which we can all make a difference - from recycling to switching off our computers and lights when they are not needed.”

Katy Boom, Director of Environmental Sustainability at the University of Worcester, added: “It is a fantastic achievement to be ranked, once again, among the best institutions in the country. We continually aim to improve our efforts to ensure that the University of Worcester exceeds environmental standards and public expectations.”