University of Worcester Arena to Showcase Wheelchair Football

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The University of Worcester Arena will join together with West Bromwich Albion Football Club’s partnership charity, the Albion Foundation, to host a Wheelchair Football showcase event this weekend.

Four Premier League teams will compete at the showcase – Aston Villa, Sporting Club Albion, Nottingham and Aspire - with fixtures set to include the Wheelchair Football Association (WFA) National Cup quarter-final between Albion and Villa.

The showcase is the first Wheelchair Football event to be staged at the University Arena – Britain’s first fully inclusive indoor sporting venue – and organisers are hoping that throwing open the doors to the public will attract new players and spectators to the sport.

Adam Crowle, Disability Development Officer at the Albion Foundation and a graduate of the University of Worcester’s Management and Sports Coaching Science degree, says: “I am pleased that we’ve been able to secure the University of Worcester Arena to fulfil our quarter-final with Aston Villa, and to add in some showcase games which will hopefully impress the crowds and raise awareness of the sport.”

Wheelchair Football, also known as Powerchair Football, is widely played throughout Europe and North America, with British teams often enjoying success on the international stage.

In 2013, a Sporting Club Albion team captained by then-Worcester student Chris Gordon finished third in the sport’s version of the Champions League, in Paris.

Chris, who will represent Albion again at the University Arena showcase, adds: “As a former student, I’m really looking forward to playing at the University Arena, and it would be great if we could create an atmosphere and give us the platform to showcase the sport.

“Spectators will have the chance to not only watch the games, but also to jump in a chair and have a go themselves to really experience the sport first-hand.”

Glyn Harding, Principal Lecturer in Sports Coaching Science at the University of Worcester, adds: “As an Institute, we are both proud and happy that the work done in academic modules and applied workplace settings continues to develop the legacy generated from London 2012.

“It is heartening to see Chris, one of our former students, progressing really well within the sport and graduates such as Adam Crowle and Adam McEvoy – Development Officer at the Wheelchair Football Association – ensuring that the future of the sport is in excellent hands.

“This showcase will give players within the West Midlands area who are unaware of the game the chance to view the event and participate. I feel that there is scope and demand to develop a team in the local area and the University Arena will be a fantastic venue for staging further tournaments in the future.”

The showcase event will take place this Saturday, March 15, between 11am and 3.30pm.

Tickets are free of charge, and are available on the day or by calling the Albion Foundation on 08712719840. For more information about the event, contact Adam Crowle on 07714108024, or at