University Health Lecturer Explores New Partnership Opportunities in Tanzania

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A senior lecturer at the University of Worcester has visited Tanzania to explore new partnership opportunities in providing placements for nursing students.

Sue Lillyman, who is a senior lecturer in Applied Professional Studies and course leader for the University’s Nursing degrees for international students, spent ten days in Morogoro, Tanzania.

She was invited to take part in the trip by Margaret Rutter, Mission Development Officer - World Links at the Diocese of Worcester, who organized the visit in partnership with the Diocese of Morogoro.

The main purpose of the trip was to review and identify new schools in Morogoro that can partner with schools in Worcester through the two Dioceses.

During her time there, Sue visited and reviewed the local health centres and hospitals which have the potential to offer new placement opportunities for Worcester’s nursing students.

As part of her visit, she also made a donation to the Berega Hospital from the University’s skills labs – midwifery teaching aid, a baby and abdomen, as well as resuscitation equipment and catheters.

Talking about her time in Tanzania, Sue said: “All the staff from the Morogoro Dioceses and Berega Hospital were very welcoming and opened up their hospital and health clinic for us to review.

“They were very proud of their work and also wanted to invite other staff and students from the United Kingdom to collaborate in improving their services to the people in the surrounding area.

“They are very keen to develop these connections and learn from each other in the future.”