University Counselling Service Awarded Prestigious Accreditation

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The University of Worcester’s Counselling Service and been awarded re-accreditation by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), being labelled a ‘valuable resource’ and a service of which the University could be proud.

The service, which provides support for a vast range of emotional and psychological difficulties, was one of the first university counselling services to be awarded the prestigious accreditation in 2008, and has now successfully attained accreditation for a further five years, up to 2018.

The accreditation is a nationally recognised benchmark awarded to services which can provide robust evidence to demonstrate a high quality of service delivery, and, along with the award of accreditation, the BACP commended the University’s service for its thoroughness, clear policies and procedures and its organised, efficient and professional service.

BACP Director of Membership, Chris Holmes, said: “This is no doubt a valuable resource to the University’s community and one of which it should be proud.”

The service offers one-to-one counselling to students, holds a weekly mindfulness group and runs psycho-educational sessions on subjects such as exam anxiety and procrastination.

For the opening three weeks of every academic year, counsellors are on hand at ‘Listening Ear’ sessions, which allow students to drop in and get help or advice. The University’s team of counsellors also works closely with each academic department, to ensure that students who are struggling are offered the necessary support.

Clare Nield, Senior Counsellor alongside Rod London, adds: “Our service deals with a wide range of emotional and psychological difficulties and we also have an integrated mental health advisory service for students who have a pre-diagnosed mental health condition.

“Throughout the nine years in which I have worked in the service, all the members of the Counselling team have prided themselves on providing an excellent and compassionate service,” she continued. “I have always appreciated what a privilege it is to be able to support young people at a formative stage in their lives, and to help them develop positive ways of living for their futures.

“I am delighted that we have received this accreditation which can help to give students confidence in the quality of service we offer.”