University Business School Announces Collaboration with International Omni Retailing Markets Association

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The University of Worcester’s Business School has linked up with the International Omni Retailing Markets Association (IORMA) to explore changing consumer habits.

The Business School’s Complex Customer Interactions Research Group has committed to a working collaboration with IORMA in the area of consumer psychology.

The research group’s activities are directed at providing research that contributes to the wider community of consumers, customers, businesses, government bodies and the public. Previous projects have explored sustainable practices through technology-driven behaviour change, luxury fashion consumption and cultural differences.

The IORMA Global Consumer Commerce Knowledge Centre is a resource for businesses and governments that recognise their need to understand and respond to the ways in which the 7 billion global consumers are changing – in the products and services they want and need, and the ways they want to obtain them.

IORMA has a close and productive partnership with the UK Government Trade and Investment (UKTI) and a global teaming agreement with IBM, extending the range of knowledge and contacts that IORMA provides for its Associates.

IORMA and the University of Worcester have now signed a Memorandum of Understanding, committing to joint consumer research activity for at least the next five years.

Tim Maxfield, Director of Business Development at Worcester Business School, said: “To partner with IORMA is a fantastic opportunity for us. As well as the research synergies that this collaboration generates, there will be a lot of potential for the development of case studies and teaching material that will enrich student learning on our range of undergraduate and postgraduate Marketing programmes. We are really excited about this opportunity, and look forward to developing our relationship with IORMA".

John Andrews, Chairman and Chief Executive of IORMA, added: “As the ever accelerating pace of technology increasingly impacts the 7 billion global consumers, so the need to understand the ways that global consumers are affected by and react to this change is becoming ever more important. Consequently, research concerning Consumer Psychology is becoming a key element for governments and commercial organisations to apply as part of understanding and planning for social and economic future trends.

“This exciting new initiative with the University of Worcester aligns perfectly with the overall philosophy of IORMA: To keep our feet on the ground for today, yet our heads above the clouds to see tomorrow.”