Twenty-four Hour Live Writing Project at The Hive

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A unique writing experiment, documenting 24 hours in Worcester and The Hive, will take place this weekend.

For two days, writer Phil Ormrod will be stationed in the atrium of the building. His task, will be to write, without stopping, about Worcester, The Hive, and everyone and everything he sees there. As he does so, the text he creates will be displayed behind him on a screen, telling a story in response to visitors' behaviour and reactions.

The piece, titled Everyone Who Ever Lived, takes place on Friday and Saturday and draws passers-by into a shared act of imagination, and explores the writer's relationship to his surroundings. The aim is to present The Hive in a different way: not just as an objective store of knowledge, but as a record of ideas and feelings and opinions that emerge from individual lives. The audience will experience first-hand what it's like to be the subject of a story, and will be able to participate in the story and help to shape it themselves.

Phil Ormrod said: “I’m really interested to see how people will react when they see themselves appear in the story. What I’d love is for them to see how much they’re in control of what I’m writing, and to enjoy their ability to shape it.

“I believe that the identity of a place comes from the people who live and work there there, as much as from its landscape or history. This is a chance to show that in a really immediate way, the users of The Hive find themselves woven into stories from all eras of Worcester’s history.

“Of course, writing for this long, without stopping to plan or think, is a real challenge. I’m excited by it, if maybe a little daunted.”

Laura Worsfold, Business Development Manager at The Hive, added: “We were interested to trial this writing project at The Hive as it is completely different from anything we have had here before and we have such a varied audience, it will be really fascinating to see how people respond and how our Hive story will develop. We hope people will take part and get into the spirit of being in a real live story. We also hope to have the story as a published document that we may be able to continue to grow later on via social media and our website. The Hive is all about innovation and this has certainly not been done before in Worcestershire at least.”