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The Transnational Studies Research Group organises seminars, conferences, workshops and other events. For further details please contact Dr Neil Fleming:


Conference: ‘Sight, Sound and Text in the History of Education’, jointly organised by History of Education Societies of UK, Australia and New Zealand, Malvern, 18-20 November 2016.


Speaker: Dr Wendy Toon (University of Worcester), ‘Diagnosing the Nazis’, 21 July 2016.

Conference: ‘Education: A Global Perspective’, British Education Research Association, 21-22 June 2016.

Speaker: Dr Wendy Toon (University of Worcester), ‘Pathologies of War: The Medical Model of the German and Japanese Enemy in World War II’, 4 May 2016.

Speaker: Dr Rachael Carrie (University of Worcester), ‘The Functional Landscape Approach Project in Kankhulukulu catchment, Northern Malawi’, 12 April 2016.

Conference: “Should I Stay or Should I Go?’ Critical Perspectives on Migration’, Beacons and the University of Worcester, 12 March 2016.

Guest Speaker: Dr Martin Farr (Newcastle University), ‘Margaret Thatcher’s World’, 23 February 2016.

Guest Speaker: Dr James Cooper (Oxford Brookes University), ‘Love in a Cold War Climate: The Reagan and Thatcher Years’, 12 January 2016.


Guest Speaker: Professor James Walvin (University of York), ‘Slavery in Small Things: Looking for Slavery in Western Culture’, 3 March 2015.


Guest Speaker: Professor Alan Rice (University of Central Lancashire), ‘Mining the Archive: Contemporary African Atlantic Artists Respond to Henry Box Brown’, 14 January 2014.

Guest Speaker: Dr Richard Huzzey (University of Liverpool), ‘British Suppression of the Slave Trade: Imperialism or Humanitarianism?’, 7 January 2014.

Guest Speaker: Professor John Oldfield (University of Hull), ‘Transatlantic Abolitionism in the Age of Revolution, 1787-1820’, 10 December 2013.

Speaker: Dr Neil Fleming (University of Worcester), ‘Navalism, Conflict and Race before the Great War’, 28 November 2013.


Guest Speaker: Dr Stephen Behrendt (Victoria University of Wellington), ‘Liverpool as a Trading Port, 1700-1850: An Online Relational Database Project’, 26 April 2013.

Guest Speaker: Dr Michael Hopkins (University of Liverpool), ‘Dean Acheson and America’s Role in the World’, 6 March 2013.

Guest Speaker: Dr Donal Lowry (Oxford Brookes University), ‘Ireland and the British Empire’, 14 December 2012.


Guest Speaker: Dr Christopher Millington (Cardiff University), ‘From victory to Vichy: Reassessing the history of the French veterans’, 20 February 2012.

Guest Speaker: Dr Bill Jones (Cardiff University), ‘Letter from America: Welsh emigrants and their correspondence in the nineteenth century’, 7 February 2012.

Guest Speaker: Professor Robin Law (University of Stirling), ‘An alternative to the Slave Trade? European projects of plantation agriculture in West Africa in the 17th and 18th centuries’, 24 October 2011.

Guest Speaker: Dr Simon Potter (University of Bristol), ‘Broadcasting empire: the BBC and the British world’, 13 December 2011.

Workshop: ‘Who are we fighting for? National and transnational mobilization for war in the twentieth century’, 25 November 2011: Dr Pierre Purseigle (University of Birmingham), ‘In and out of war. Elements for a comparative and transnational history of mobilization and reconstruction in Western Europe, 1914-39’; Kristo Karvinen (University of Worcester), ‘International volunteers in Finland during World War Two’; Daniel Spence (Sheffield Hallam University), ‘Naval mobilisation and empire: Britain in the twentieth century’; and Jacob Stoil (University of Oxford), ‘Zionist underground military volunteers in the Second World War’.

Workshop: ‘Music and Nationalism’, 5 March 2011: Anastasia Belina-Johnson (University of Leeds/Leeds College of Music), ‘Nineteenth-century Russian music and culture: between nationalism and cosmopolitanism’; Dr Toby Thacker (Cardiff University), ‘War, death, music and religion: Joseph Goebbels and the Mozart Requiem in December 1941’.