'This Will be the Perfect Starting Point for Me to Begin to Make a Difference to Children's Lives'

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A Worcester student says that she is looking forward to boosting her confidence and teaching skills after being awarded a university scholarship to volunteer abroad.

Next month, 20 year-old Lauren Bell, who is in the second year of her Primary Initial Teacher Education degree at the University of Worcester, will travel to Bali, where she will plan and conduct lessons for local children.

She has been awarded financial assistance by the University’s Scholarship Panel, which benefits students who undertake extra-curricular activities in areas such as sport, music and the arts, as well as volunteering projects.

“I have always wanted to volunteer abroad in under-developed countries to help support less privileged children and to help make a difference,” Lauren explains. “I feel that this trip will be the perfect starting point for me to begin to make a difference to children’s lives all over the world.

“I will be working with other volunteers to plan and carry out fun and engaging lessons to improve the children’s English, and providing them with skills which they will need for future employment.

“I believe that this experience will make a massive difference to my ability to teach, and will encourage me to explore different ways of teaching children creatively; not only benefiting the children I will be teaching in Bali, but for also the children I will be teaching when I return,” she continues.

“With the education system constantly changing and developing, it is very important for teachers to explore a wide variety of teaching strategies, and I believe seeing how differently the schools run in other countries will be very beneficial to me.”

Lauren will be travelling with six other Worcester students, and says that she is looking forward to inspiring others when she returns.

“I think it's absolutely fantastic that the University can support us financially in this way and I definitely would not be able to experience this amazing opportunity without this support,” she says.

“I am truly grateful to the University for providing me with this opportunity and I can't wait to give feedback about my trip to other students in September.”