'There is No Better Job for Me at this Point in Time'

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Having excelled on the University of Worcester’s Outdoor Adventure Leadership and Management course, it is perhaps unsurprising that Heidi Schwenk is currently establishing herself in her chosen career – halfway around the world.

21 year-old Heidi, who is originally from Chippenham in Wiltshire, gained a First Class Honours degree earlier this year, before moving to Hong Kong to take a graduate role running expeditions for Outward Bound.

Now thriving in her new job and surroundings, Heidi believes that the knowledge, experience and support offered to her by her lecturers have given her the perfect springboard from which to forge a successful career in such an exciting, dynamic industry.

She explains: “My job in Hong Kong is putting everything I have studied into practice. To have the chance to work in a place like this is the reason I went to university in the first place, so there is no better job for me at this point in time.

“My lecturers have been fantastic; they are so experienced and have been great mentors. They have supported my cohort academically and practically by providing us with opportunities left, right and centre to gain relevant work and get ourselves into the industry.

“I am still in contact and I’m able to seek advice although I’m halfway around the world.”

Having completed her undergraduate studies, Heidi says that she has been so delighted with her experience at Worcester that she hopes to continue her association with the University and with higher education, as a student and possibly a lecturer in years to come.

“I am thrilled to have graduated with a First,” she says. “I studied so hard for three years and gained additional work to support my studies, so to walk away with a First makes it all worthwhile. To gain recognition for my work is really special.

“I have loved studying in Worcester – the University delivered on everything they promised when I first visited them on an open day.

“I am currently enrolling on the part time Master’s programme at Worcester, so I will hopefully be able to continue studying whilst here in Hong Kong with the eventual ambition of starting my own business or perhaps becoming a university lecturer myself!”

The Outdoor Adventure Leadership and Management course is run in association with the Herefordshire and Ludlow College, and offers students the opportunity to get practical, hands-on experience in a diverse range of roles within the outdoor industry. For further information, visit the course page.