The Huntercombe Group Teams up with the University of Worcester to Educate Student Nurses

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Student nurses from the University of Worcester will receive hands-on experience in the treating and mentoring of patients with eating disorders thanks to a new partnership with The Huntercombe Group.

Students will have the opportunity to spend time shadowing specialist clinicians and therapists, at the group’s Cotswold Spa Hospital from 22nd April.

Working alongside these healthcare professionals, students will be given the opportunity to consolidate theoretical knowledge and practical application through valuable exposure to patients suffering from severe eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia.

The work placement will contribute to the students’ overall training, with learning objectives set out beforehand by their university tutors. Students will become familiar with both the psychological and also medicinal treatment used when treating patients with eating disorders. They will also follow real life patient cases and learn more about the on-going issues both doctors and patients face during this particular type of treatment.

Commenting on the forthcoming placements, Anne-Marie Willis, Hospital Manager for the Cotswold Spa Huntercombe Hospital, said: “The collaboration between the University of Worcester and The Huntercombe Hospital Cotswold Spa is a brilliant way to strengthen connections between the two institutions.

“Students will receive a valuable hands-on learning experience whilst viewing the hospital as a beneficial placement to work and gain understanding of the independent sector. Staff members have attended mentorship training in preparation for their arrival, so the unit is ideally situated to host our new guests.

“In return, this is a wonderful opportunity to ensure that we are helping to develop the nurses of the future. The treatment of eating disorders is extremely complex so it’s vital that students receive good quality training which isn’t just theoretical but also practical.”

Robert Dudley, Head of Pre-registration Nursing at the University of Worcester, said: “We are delighted that our students have been given this opportunity to gain vital experience at the Huntercombe’s Cotswold Spa Hospital. Being able to apply their knowledge practically will be a huge benefit to their training and development.

“The nursing degree at Worcester was ranked number one in the country in the most recent National Student Survey, with a 100% satisfaction rating, which is largely down to the quality of work placements, such as this, that our students have the opportunity to participate in.

“We are determined that our student nurses graduate with maximum experience across a range of areas, and this new partnership is vital to that mission.”

In addition to the work placements, Anne-Marie will also be delivering a talk to the students on recruitment opportunities at Cotswold Spa and within the wider Huntercombe Group.