Students Taste Wild Foods on Campus

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Graphic Design, Conservation Ecology and Environmental Management students from the University of Worcester had a taster of a range of wild and foraged foods as part of their studies.

Students tucked in to homemade pastries, soups and desserts in a ‘wild food taste test’ on the University’s allotment. The session was arranged by design lecturer and ex Ladybird Books senior designer Ali Stevenson, whose Children’s Book Design module has been growing in popularity now with students for over four years and the Graphic Design course has recently changed to increase it’s involvement in the area.

The module’s brief asked students to research and evolve a set of colour page spreads and book cover which aim to introduce families and children to edible plants and fruits that grow in the wild throughout the UK.One of the students' cover designs

“This is a subject area that’s been growing in prominence over the last few years in both the media and TV,” said Ali. “Combine this interest with the increasing awareness that we need to ensure that our children have access and opportunities to undertake outdoor activities to help counter the growing ‘computer screen culture’ and you’ve got the genesis of this module’s brief.”

The taste test, which included foods such as wild cherry clafoutis dessert, nettle soup and even roasted dandelion root coffee, received favourable feedback from students.

Design student Kashka Neri, who supplied a fresh sorrel soup to the mix, said: “Eating wild foods and foraging is something I’ve done naturally for years. Since I can remember, my family and I often went into woods or meadows in search of wild foods such as mushrooms, berries or herbs. Even now, during my holidays in my homeland in Poland, the tradition of foraging – particularly for mushrooms – is very much alive and well and I’m keen to pass on these experiences and knowledge to my own children.

“Ali’s wild food taster session was such a refreshing occasion to take part in and I was delighted to be there, especially so with a variety of lovely food to try.”