Students Link Up with Local Environmental Charity

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Students studying Graphic Design and Creative Digital Media at the University of Worcester have had a taste of the demands of the creative industries after working alongside a local environment centre to create promotional materials.

The students worked to create prototype publicity campaigns for the Duckworth Worcestershire Trust’s Pump House Environment Centre, working to a 24 hour time frame and then pitching their ideas to members of the Trust.

Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design, Andrew Stevenson – who, together with visiting lecturer, Wendy Corbett, designed the 24 hour brief format -  explains: “Today’s graduates need to be ready for the demands of industry, so it is vitally important that our final year students get a taste of what it is like to work on a short turnaround brief like this.

“It’s potentially a situation that some will find themselves in not too far down the line, and these simulations are designed to help students prepare for that.”

As part of the project, the students created promotional media concepts that could be applied across a range of scenarios - from local leaflets to bus shelters.

Duckworth Worcestershire Trust Project Manager, Roisin Hanks, said: “The Trust has had a positive relationship with the University for a number of years, and we are keen to develop these links further.

“The students have such great enthusiasm and motivation, and we like to support this by simulating a business situation as realistically as we possibly can.

“In return, we hope to gain a useful insight into their perspectives on our charity and possibly to utilise some of their ideas in project developments.”

Formerly a pumping station for Worcester’s drinking supply, the Pump House – located next to the city’s Gheluvelt Park - was converted into an Environmental Centre around a decade ago, and is now used to provide information and raise awareness of environmental issues.

Katy Boom, Director of Environmental Sustainability at the University of Worcester, says: “We are absolutely delighted to be working with the Environmental Centre. It is important for students to get a chance to develop their involvement with sustainability on projects like this one.

“We hope that there will also be further opportunities for joint projects, during which students can continue to gain valuable skills while also supporting a local charity.”

Staff members of the Duckworth Worcestershire Trust are currently examining the students’ ideas before deciding which of them will be implemented in their future strategies.