Students' Graphic Design Skills Helping to Promote Local Town

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Promotional banner designs, produced by University of Worcester Graphic Design students, have been adopted by Tenbury Wells Town Council, and are now lining the main route into the Worcestershire town.

As part of a wider signage brief, students were set the task of designing wayfinding artwork to promote the town, which the Council funded with cash secured through the Mary Portas pilot project, set up by the Government to boost small towns and high streets.

The wayfinding project – one of several ‘live’ briefs regularly given to Worcester’s Graphic Design students – was set by the Town Council. Over recent months, councillors have assessed students’ work, and designs were also put on display to the public in the town.

Earlier this month, the selected designs were put on display on the main A456 road into the town.

Andy Stevenson, Senior Lecturer in Design, explains: “Wayfinding projects like this one are a great way for our students to work with real clients on real projects, and gain invaluable experience over and above their existing academic learning.

“It’s also a chance for student design talent to be harnessed for the good of local communities, and we are delighted that the students’ final designs have been so well received by councillors and members of the public in Tenbury.”

Jess Matthews is one of the students whose work is now being displayed, and she says: “I’m very honoured to have been part of this project; based in such a lovely town with such welcoming people. Living close to Tenbury Wells myself, it was great to be part of the signage design.

“It’s lovely to know that my designs were liked, and to see them up is overwhelming. The degree – and this module – has really helped to prepare me for a career in corporate design.”

Luma d’Oliviera’s work has also been adopted by the Council. She adds: “It is a lovely opportunity to see my work displayed in such a large scale. It's nice to know that the skills I've learnt during the module not only benefited my studies but also helped the local community of Tenbury Wells.”