Sports Therapy Students Provided On-site Emergency Care at a Tough Guy Event

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Twenty one Sports Therapy students from the University of Worcester ensured the smooth running of “the safest most dangerous event in the world”.

The students proved their outstanding skills as therapists at the Tough Guy event in Wolverhampton, where they delivered emergency aid and trauma management, as well as pre-event massage. The course consisted of icy lakes, 40ft obstacles, ditches full of fire and underground tunnels.

Hollie Taylor, Sports Therapy Lecturer at the University of Worcester, was appointed as head of medical provision at the event and with over 5,000 competitors. She said: “The students had to manage a range of situations including varying degrees of hypothermia, fractures, sprains and blood injuries. This is a unique event were the students can use the breadth of their skills under the pressure of real life situations, with multiple causalities.”

Dan Westacott, a competitor in the challenge, said: “The students proved to be an absolute lifesaver for me when hypothermia set in.”

The work of the students was highly-valued and appreciated by the events’ organisers and individual competitors.

Francesca Wicker, a third-year Sports Therapy student at the University, said: “I love the trauma management side of the course. The possibility to put what I have been taught into action was great.”

Hollie Taylor added: “This is the third consecutive year that the University of Worcester has covered this event. With the amount of positive feedback from the organisers, competitors and the students I am sure we will be covering this event for many more years to come.”

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