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Sound Healing

"The therapeutic application of sound frequencies to the body/mind of a person with the intention of bringing them into a state of harmony and health" (The College of Sound Healing)

Although there have been previous studies on the use of music therapy and therapeutic music intervention for people with dementia in care homes, there is limited information on the impact of sound separate from interaction with a therapist/facilitator and peers. Anecdotal evidence suggests that playing therapeutic sounds in the environment may have a calming influence on both residents and staff, and reduce levels of agitation.

Devised by Lenni Sykes alongside the Association for Dementia Studies, the ‘Therapeutic sound for care home residents with dementia’ project will explore the potential effects of therapeutic sound and how to measure them.

The project was initiated by Lenni following her positive experience of using therapeutic sound with her mother in a nursing home setting. She observed beneficial effects when using an instrument called the Freenotes Wing, and this experience has informed the focus of the project. During the project, Lenni will be the sound practitioner and ADS will evaluate the impact of the project and explore the effects of therapeutic/healing sound. It is hoped that the project will lead to a larger evaluation adopting an experimental methodology. 

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