Share Your Memories of 70 Years of Higher Education in Worcester

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The University of Worcester is launching an exciting project documenting its 70 year history through the voices of its alumni, staff and the local community.

The project, entitled “The Worcester Spirit: Stories from the campus”, will weave the memories of all those whose lives have been touched by the University since its founding in 1946 in to a richly textured chronicle spanning eight decades.

Professor Sarah Greer, Deputy Vice Chancellor, said: “The aim is to celebrate and document 70 years of the University of Worcester as an educational institution. We are hoping to speak to former and current students, members of staff and local residents who are willing to share their stories and memories, as well as any photographs or memorabilia they may have that tells a tale about their time at Worcester.”

The project provides an opportunity for members of the community to record, preserve, and share their stories of the University. “We are really keen to speak to anyone whose life has crossed paths with the University over the years,” said Luke Fletcher, who is part of the project team and himself is a former student of the University.

“We’ve already heard so many wonderful stories, from the tales of the daily brew groups, to a legendary milk fight in the Hines Building, and people’s memories of crowding around tiny black and white televisions to watch Top of the Pops in the early 1960s. Some people have even spoken about having goats and chickens to look after on campus as part of their course. As a recent graduate of the University myself, it’s funny to imagine goats on campus,” he adds.

The project team will be conducting interviews and recording the conversations to create an archive. The material will be available to the public, online, and presented in displays across the University.

If you would like to know more about the Worcester Spirit oral history project, or contribute your story to the conversation, please contact Luke Fletcher at the University of Worcester on 01905 542273, or via Alternatively you can find out more and see regular updates on the University of Worcester Alumni Facebook page.