SENCo Students Display Ongoing Achievements

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Almost 40 students from the University of Worcester’s National SENCo (Special Educational Needs Coordination) award presented updates of their work so far to fellow teachers and educational staff last week.

The National Award SENCo (NASC) is a statutory award for newly-appointed SENCos, and is offered as a Postgraduate course at the University of Worcester, which is an approved training provider for the NASC.

As part of the presentation event, the students – all of whom are working at schools throughout the West Midlands - were encouraged to display examples of the initiatives which they have put in place to benefit pupils with special education needs at their schools.

Sean Bracken, Senior Lecturer in Education and Programme Leader for the SENCo PG Certificate, explains: “The hosting of student presentations from the National Award SENCo provides an opportunity for course participants to share their learning in a very practical and engaging way.

“The session is in essence a celebration of achievements to date and a mechanism to provide other colleagues with insights into the change management initiatives being taken to enhance learning for pupils with special or additional learning requirements.”

He adds: “Some schools took advantage of the event to invite their head teachers and SEN governors, and they were provided with inspirational talks on change management prior to and following on from the course participant poster presentations.

“The event is symbolic of close ties which the NASC has engendered with a wide network of schools throughout the West Midlands.”

The course is taught over three modules, giving SENCos the opportunity to study for the qualification while fulfilling the role in a school. The resulting PG Certificate is equivalent to one third of a Masters’ degree.