Seminar Will Debate Future of Religious Education in UK Schools

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Religious Education and its place in UK schools will be put under the spotlight at a seminar this summer.

More than 40 years since the publication of Prospects and Problems for Religious Education in 1971, Religious Education has once again reached a moment of crisis, with threats to its standing in the curriculum and the legal and organisational structures which have previously maintained it.

A all-day seminar on the future of Religious Education will take place at the University of Worcester on June 19th. The event is being sponsored by the Culham St Gabriel’s Trust and the St Peter’s Saltley Trust, two educational charities. Delegates from across sectors of education will be invited to attend and debate key issues around the subject’s future, stimulated by invited keynote speakers.

Religious Education expert, Dr Stephen Parker, of the University of Worcester’s Institute of Education, said: “The seminar is very timely given the current debate around Religious Education in our schools and what its future will look like.

“We hope to bring together religious educationalists from a variety of perspectives to debate the issues and identify and agenda for change.”

Dr Parker added: “Religious Education has a place in schools, but there is much debate about how this is delivered and what young people are taught. Hopefully we can identify some of these factors and try to find a way forward.”

Download the programme [PDF].