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NQT Year

What have been the highlights during your Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) year in terms of teaching and learning?




Sam Randell

At Key Stage 3 I have :

• Developed schemes of work independently and collaboratively- this includes developing work specifically for SEND groups. This was evidenced clearly in observed lessons.
• Developed a handwriting competition to support good writing skills.
• Organised a group of students for the national Spelling Bee competition.
• Organised and delivered revision sessions for Year 11 including after school and lunchtime sessions.
• Engaged students extremely positively- this was evidenced in the student’s feedback in the English Questionnaire.
• Taken an active interest in extending the gifted and talented (G&T) provision for the English department

How have you contributed to the school community during your NQT year?

I have:

• Organised and ran the new school magazine
• Shown interest in whole school responsibility posts and teacher Governor
• Pastoral support for Year 7 tutor group to gain knowledge
• Been observed by PGCEs, governors and visiting teachers/ inspectors as example of outstanding teaching
• Ran sessions with PGCEs to discuss the training process
• Helped with the school drama production
• Whole school talent show
• Mentoring a year 11 student


Being a newly qualified teacher

An ex University of Worcester secondary student teacher, who has just completed her NQT year, talks about the impact the PGCE course has had on her first year in teaching, what impact she has had during her first year in school and how she has stayed in touch with the University.