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School Leadership Offer

School Leadership Offer

Creating a stronger, more efficient and more successful education system requires great leaders.

The programme

  • Participants meet in clusters and work in peer groups to share expertise and for joint practice development.
  • Stimulus days are led by an expert leadership facilitator, with think-pieces to launch discussions and time to build on the expertise of the participants.
  • Peer coaching is an integral part of the programme, with professional coaching available at varying degrees at different phases of development.
  • Clusters may go through a series of phases of development as their expertise and self-sufficiency grow; the programme identifies four phases of growth each building on previous phase.
  • There is an annual conference to share progress and to share the Insight Studies which exemplify good practice and the impact on schools, colleagues and on pupil outcomes; these may be assessed for Masters Credits.

Overview of the Four Phases of the Senior Leadership Programme


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