Scholarship helps Design Student attend Conference in Amsterdam

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A Graphic Design and Multimedia student enjoyed networking at a prestigious international conference thanks to a scholarship from the University of Worcester.

Third year student Will Carey attended the two day FITC (Future Innovation Technology Creativity) design and technology conference in Amsterdam, which hosted over 50 presentations and panels covering creative, technical and business topics in digital media.

The 27-year-old said: “FITC is a design conference, so it’s already my cup of tea. But it goes beyond that, the speakers there are from all over the world and the work they’ve done is beyond inspiring.

“The talks were split into two categories, creative and coding. I attended the creative talks and was always impressed by the speaker.

“Dead Drops by Aram Barthol has produced some really awesome projects. I got some great ideas from this and they’re finding their way into my academic projects.”

Will also met a variety of people in creative industries, including some big names in design.

“The Importance of Sharing for Designers by Fabio Sasso mirrored some of my own views on creative collaboration and as the founder of Abduzeedo, Fabio is something of a celebrity in the industry and it was a pleasure to meet him,” Will said.

The University of Worcester Scholarship Panel awarded Will £200 to assist financially with his attendance of the event.

“It was quite an expensive trip, with all of the flights, accommodation and expenses so the scholarship was a most welcome subsidy to that,” he said.

Will is currently a freelance designer and hopes to work for a design agency when he graduates.

“My freelance work keeps me pretty busy but I’m in the midst of designing the invites and website for my upcoming wedding,” he said.