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Sarah Glenister at Lidl

From the time that I started university I knew that I wanted to complete a work placement alongside my degree and with the support of WBS I began searching. 

As a result of attending the graduate fair at the NEC (arranged by WBS) I applied for and completed a 48 week placement at Lidl UK which has provided me with invaluable experience and helped focus my mind on what I want to do.

During my time at Lidl UK I had an opportunity to learn the Deputy Store Manager role as well as the role of a supervisor in both the Goods In and Transport departments within a regional warehouse. I also completed a number of weeks in the Stock department. The placement has given me the opportunity to develop many skills. Leadership, problem solving, organisation and time management are just some of these key skills, as well as gaining confidence during the 48 weeks through working in different departments and gaining responsibility in different areas of each department.

Attending training days throughout the placement with other placement students from across the UK gave me the opportunity to meet others in the same position as me and also take on board further knowledge at these days. Not only did I have the opportunity to work in different departments across the company I was also able to complete an HR project concentrating on the welfare of staff as well as freshness audits which involved visiting 7-8 stores per day and completing quality checks. I was also able to complete my Personal Alcohol Licence exams which means I am now able to be a designated premise supervisor, providing me with a huge advantage when looking for retail work.
The responsibility throughout the placement was huge and really gave me the chance to develop my leadership and management skills, of which I have learnt to adapt these depending on the type of employee I am working with.

I have stayed on with Lidl, working as a Brand Ambassador promoting the company and the undergraduate/graduate roles that are waiting to be filled by attending careers fairs and talking to students on campus.