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Robert Peel

PhD Research Student

From the 11th March 2011 Robert will be based at National Environmental Research Institute in Denmark

Research project
My project, jointly funded by the University of Worcester and the National Environmental Research Institute in Denmark, involves quantifying street level city centre variation in allergenic pollen concentrations, and using this data to develop a human exposure model for pollen. I will investigate the interactions between concentrations of pollen and atmospheric pollutants also associated with allergic disease, with the aim of helping to further work in determining dose/response relationships for pollen exposure and symptoms of allergy. I will also relate human exposure to pollen at street level to concentrations measured at roof level, an area highlighted for attention by a recent WHO report.

Director of Studies
Professor Roy Kennedy, NPARU, University of Worcester

Dr. Ole Hertel, National Environmental Research Institute, Denmark
Dr. Rob Herbert, University of Worcester

Academic history
MSc in Mathematical Sciences (University of Bath, 2007)
BSc (Hons) in Natural Sciences (University of Durham, 2004)