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Chaired by Professor Derek M Peters, research interest within our group reflects both multi- and inter-disciplinary investigation of basketball per se.  Inclusion of staff with expertise in performance analysis, sport physiology, biomechanics, coaching, wheelchair basketball, higher education sector basketball development, socio-cultural studies, sport management & marketing and sport psychology means that almost every aspect of research relating to basketball can be delivered by the group.  

With an established reputation for basketball in the UK and beyond, with extensive international collaborations with staff from the Lithuanian Sports University and the University of Leon (Spain), the interest group is uniquely placed to undertake extensive and world-leading research in basketball at all levels and in all formats of the game.

The group also supports the new online International Journal of Basketball Research (ISSN 2055-5946) that aims to be the journal of choice for all basketball research undertaken world-wide, and RIG members also contribute strongly to the delivery of the unique MSc in European Basketball Coaching Science.

The Basketball research interest group membership is fluent and inclusive. If you are interested in any aspect of our work, if you wish to be involved, or to discuss, engage in, or commission any basketball related research or evaluation, including basketball-related ‘product’ evaluations, please contact Professor Derek M Peters via or +44 (0) 1905 855352.

Staff areas of interest & on-going projects:

Professor Derek M Peters is currently pursuing basketball research in a number of studies and in a number of disciplines.  Derek is leading research on performance analysis in wheelchair basketball with one of his PhD student and developing a study to explore mental toughness in elite referees.  Derek is also supporting colleagues in a number of the initiatives detailed below and at the Lithuanian Sports University where he holds a visiting professorship. Derek is also Founding Editor-in-Chief of the newly developed International Journal of Basketball Research (ISSN 2055-5946) and is responsible for the development and delivery of the research elements of the MSc in European Basketball Coaching Science.

Dr Alejandro Vaquera is currently the Director of Sport at the University of Leon (Spain) and visiting academic in the Institute of Sport & Exercise Science at the University of Worcester. Alejandro’s PhD focussed on the development of the TIVREBasketTM test of aerobic capacity in basketball players and he has continued research in the areas of heart rate response to game play in both elite players and elite referees during International competitions.

Dr Andrea Faull is currently developing a project to investigate the impact of ‘pressure’ on decision making and performance in referees. 

Dr Geoff Kohe is interested in exploring, from qualitative perspectives, power relationships that exist within basketball, the nature and content of player contracts, basketball sport and organisational policy and the ‘image’ portrayed of, and by basketball.

Dr Steve Swanson brings a wealth of basketball experience to the research interest group, having coached at a variety of levels in both the United States and United Kingdom. Steve has previously served as head coach of the Scottish Rocks and the University of Sussex, as well as assistant coach for the Bright Bears and Idaho State University. His research interests include coaching philosophy and decision making, team dynamics, and a variety of issues related to coaching and managerial leadership. 

Billy Hunt is currently exploring the meaning, role and use of ‘humour’ in basketball coaching as his dissertation for his MSc in Sports Coaching Science. 

Alex Radu is course leader for the MSc in European Basketball Coaching, assistant coach of the Worcester Wolves BBL basketball Team. Recently, and assistant coach to the Romanian Senior Women’s National Team. Alex is interested in the management and marketing aspects of basketball (event management, marketing of events, clubs and teams, etc.) and  also interested in aspects related to technical, tactical preparation and how these components of training are influenced by physical preparation. Coach development is another area of interest.
Andrew Renfree is interested in the distribution of effort by both players and officials during competitive basketball, and in particular the influence this has on decision-making ability. Andy is currently working with physiological data collected from match officials during major international tournaments, and also with longitudinal physiological data collected from professional players.

Ben Stanway is currently using performance analysis to investigate the key performance indicators that led to the USA’s overwhelming success in the London 2012 Olympic Games and exploring the impact of variable operational definitions on performance analysis findings in basketball.
Craig Williams is developing a project to investigate the ‘effectiveness’ of the England Basketball Level 2 coaching qualification and the subsequent use of the qualification by coaches.

Postgraduate research students:

John Francis: The role of notational analysis, analyst and feedback in performance enhancement in elite wheelchair basketball (April 2014 - March 2017).  John is currently undertaking research to develop a valid and reliable performance analysis system for use within wheelchair basketball as the first study in his research programme supervised by Professor Peters.

Christopher Faulkner: Basketball players' migratory experiences and the implications for transnational basketball labour migration (September 2012-August 2015). Christopher’s research focuses on basketball labour migration. His research looks to move away from the discussion of how institutional structures regulate and control athletes’ movements towards a discussion that focuses on how athletes negotiate the process of migration.

Funded research projects since 2008: (reverse chronological order)

Co-funded MPhil/PhD studentship entitled: The impact of notational analysis, analyst and feedback on performance enhancement in elite wheelchair basketball. Co-funded by the University of Worcester and British Wheelchair Basketball.February 2014, £60,000. Professor Derek M Peters, Mick Donovan, & Professor Nic James (University of Middlesex).

University of Worcester fully funded MPhil/PhD studentship entitled: Basketball players' migratory experiences and the implications for transnational basketball labour migration. April 2012, £54,000. Dr Gyozo Molnar, Dr Geoff Kohe & Professor John Hughson (UCLan).
University of Worcester fully funded MPhil/PhD studentship entitled: Physical fitness, technical skill and psychological profiles of high and low ranking European elite male youth basketball teams in ages U12 to U18. April 2010, £54,000. Professor Derek M Peters, Mick Donovan, & Mindaugas Balciunas (LSU).

Research dissemination:

Kamandulis, S., Venckunas, T., Masiulis, N., Matulaitis, K., Balciunas, M., Peters, D.M., Skurvydas, A. (2013) Relationship between general and specific coordination in 8- to 17-year-old male basketball players. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 117(3): 821-836. doi: 10.2466/25.30.PMS.117x28z7.

Vaquera, A; Refoyo, I.; Villa, J.G.; Calleja, J.; Rodriguez-Marroyo, J.A.; Garcia-Lopez, J.; Sampedro, J. (2008) Heart rate response to game-play in professional basketball players. Journal of Human Sport & Exercise, 3(1): 1-9.

Peters, D.M., Balciunas, M. & Stonkus, S. (2009). Test-retest reliability of fitness and skill tests in elite male youth basketball players.  European College of Sport Science Annual Congress, Oslo, Norway, 24th-27th June.

Peters, D.M., Donovan, M., Balciunas, M & Stonkus, S. (2009). An international comparative study of fitness and skill in elite male U16 basketball players.  European College of Sport Science Annual Congress, Oslo, Norway, 24th-27th June.

Boot-Handford, N. & Peters, D.M. (2007).  A multi-method investigation of the performance demands of basketball officiating: implications for the development of performance related fitness assessments.  The 12th European Congress of Sports Science, Jyväskylä, Finland, 11th-14th July.

Donovan, M., Jones, G.W. & Peters, D.M.  (2004). How can you call it from there ref? A performance analysis of referee behaviour in men’s English National Basketball League.  World Congress of Performance Analysis of Sport VI, Belfast, Northern Ireland, June 22nd – 25th.