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Registration Service

All civil ceremonies require the attendance of a Superintendent Registrar who will conduct the ceremony as well as a Registrar to register the marriage. Please contact the Registration Service on 0845 603 2859 to check whether your chosen date and time are available and to discuss all legal aspects of your ceremony. 

Legal Requirements

Before a marriage can take place it is necessary for a notice of marriage to be given. Both parties will need to give in person a separate Notice of Marriage to the Superintendent Registrar of the District where they live. Relevant documents, such as birth certificates, will be requested by the Superintendent Registrar. Authority for the marriage will be issued by the Superintendent Registrar of the district(s) 21 days after notice is given. The authority(s) should then be handed to the Registrar at Worcester Register Office. Your marriage authority is then valid for a period of 12 months. 


On the day of the wedding you will need to bring with you at least two other people who are prepared to witness the marriage and sign the marriage register.

The above information is issued as a guide only. To find out more about the legal requirements and arrangements please contact the Registration Service on 0845 603 2859 or visit the webpage. 

The registration fees are charged separately to any other fees.