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Primary NQT

Firstly, sincere congratulations on completing your course and for choosing an exciting career in teaching! At the University of Worcester, we believe in promoting the best outcomes for all and aim to smooth the transition from trainee to teacher... and beyond.

We have a comprehensive programme of support for our newly qualified and recently qualified teachers and however you choose to engage with us, we hope that you will find the support you need and the reassurance that, as a University of Worcester graduate, you will always be a part of our community.

Former trainee?  Don’t forget to keep us up to date with your current employment details by emailing

Don’t forget to complete the NQT Survey!

How do we support our Primary NQTs?

NQTs/RQTs invited to attend and contribute to NQT Events

NQTs communicate with course leaders early on to talk about their experiences

NQTs/RQTs invited to share their experiences of their NQT year with trainees

NQTs/RQTs offer advice to new trainees and are integral to the development of the NQT Programme

NQTs/RQTs invited to have input on NQT web page and direct email link to tutors

RQTs in some partnership schools are mentors for current trainees

NQT/RQT visits by course leaders

NQTs encouraged to stay in regular contact and bespoke support offered, as necessary and appropriate

6 things to do in 6 weeks

Preparing for your first term as an NQT

Written with you, for you.

1. Ice breakers: Create activities for your first day to get to know your pupils.

2. Classroom ideas: Try some of these quick display ideas: create funky pencil pots (ideas online); ‘I’m finished’ hands on sticks for when the children have finished their work which have different tasks on for them to have a go at; create a ‘pot of fairness’: pupil names on lollypop sticks to avoid ‘hands up’; independence corner: resources and activities that pupils can access independently to maximise learning and development.

3. Certificates: Class, table or pupil of the week template certificate.

4. Seating Plan/Carpet Spaces: Create a fun, visual plan to go on the wall – pupils can access it independently.

5. Home-School Links: purchase a cuddly toy to send home as a ‘class mascot’ and allow children and families to feel involved. Adapt this to the age and needs of your pupils – think about what would appeal to them. Create topic resources that could support home-school relationships and support.

6. Chatter Topics: Create some topic cards to inspire, encourage thinking and debate. These can be used as quick starters or for ‘brain breaks’, e.g. If spoons didn’t exist, what would you use instead? If I wear your clothes, change my name to your name and move into your house, am I still me and are you still you?

Graduate views

What our former trainees say about us

'I learned so much on my PGCE course and it is brilliant to be able to put it all into action with my own class.'

'An absolute pleasure and could not have spent a better 3 years of my life. It was a joy to be here and I only have fond memories of UW. I’m sad to leave’

‘Throughout the course the staff have been very supportive and I have learnt so much from them all.’

‘I’ve had a fantastic 3 years at UW. Lots of extra opportunities and a range of knowledge covered in lectures. Lots of great support finding jobs’

‘I have had a really rewarding and enjoyable time at the University. The tutor support has been invaluable’

‘Thorough and interesting course and I feel well prepared for school’

‘Overall a very good and in depth course, allowing me to secure a job’