Play About Coping with Dementia to be Performed at The Hive

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Grandma Remember Me? a play about dementia by Belinda Lazenby is being performed at The Hive by AZ2B theatre company on Thursday, October 15 at 7pm.

Written from artistic director Belinda Lazenby's personal experience Grandma Remember Me? is a moving story about a family's journey through dementia.

The play, written from the perspective of a young child Lilly, whose grandma develops Alzheimer’s explores their changing relationship as the disease develops and the challenges associated with it leading to Lilly’s final acceptance and understanding of the disease.

It also explores the wider impact dementia has on families and the need for support and understanding within our communities; emphasizes the importance of memories and relationships within our lives, how to keep and treasure them, and shows how it is possible to “live well’ with dementia.

Told through a mix of puppetry, drama and storytelling, Grandma Remember Me? is a powerful, moving piece of high quality theatre.

Laura Worsfold, The Hive Business Development Manager said: “Grandma Remember Me? is AZ2B's first production, and has already toured nationally and internationally, to great acclaim. It has also gained the support of a number of partners including the Alzheimer’s Society, providing a creative innovative training tool to raise awareness and support understanding around dementia. We are very pleased to be providing an opportunity for Worcestershire audiences to see the play. Worcester is a leading centre for research into dementia, through the University of Worcester’s Association for Dementia Studies. The Hive has hosted several exhibitions, conferences and other work around the issues of Dementia. We hope people will come and support this lovely portrayal of such a difficult situation.”

Tickets cost £6 and can be purchased online via The Hive website

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