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PhD Student Joy Gauci

PhD Student

Institute of Health & Society

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tel: +44 (0)1905 85 5458

BA in English Literature and Language, Oxford University
MA in English Literature and Language, Oxford University
Post Graduate Certificate in Social Work, Aberdeen University
MA in Applied Philosophy, Keele University.
Practice Educator Award, University of West of England.
Post Graduate Certificate in Education, Worcester University.

Joy is a Senior Lecturer and part-time PhD student in the Institute of Health and Society at the University of Worcester. Joy is also a Fellow of the Higher Educator Academy and a Registered Social Worker and Practice Educator.

Joy’s main research interest is therapeutic approaches with young people experiencing trauma due to displacement. Her PhD research approach is Participatory Action Research; this has allowed her to develop a profile in international community development projects with community practitioners supporting young people in displacement due to family and community conflict and trauma. Her specific research and practice interest is the development of knowledge of how vocational practitioners collaborate with local community organisations to build therapeutic alliances with young people.

Research and Consultancy Projects
• Child Trauma Project, Hebron. 2016
• Vulnerable Syrian Families Resettlement Project, Malvern Hills. 2016
• Emotional Resilience Training Project, E.I.L. Worcestershire. 2015
• Migrancy Project, Valetta, Malvern.2013
• Dzerzhinsk Family Support Project, Russia. 2012
• Conflict Resolution Training Project, Quakers, Moscow. 2012

Joy is a member of the International Committee of the British Association of Social Work and also of the International Social Development Fund, B.A.S.W. This role combines with her research activities to support her active involvement in national and international conference debate platforms which identify how social work and allied community development workers respond therapeutically to the contemporary concern of human migration and displacement.

In addition, Joy works freelance in training and consultancy for a number of Community Action Charities and Non for Profit Organisations, including Experiment in International Living, Community Action, Quakers and Consilium, UK.

Her supervisors are Dr Theresa Mitchell and Dr Janice Clarke at University of Worcester.

Conference Presentations
Gauci, J. Therapeutic Group Work Skills in response to Young People in Conflict in Communities of Change. International Federation of Social Work European Conference, Reykjavik 2017: Marginalization and Social Work in a Changing Society.

Gauci, J, Foot, M. & Ryding, Use of Healing Spaces in Trauma Recovery: Emotional Healing, Self Esteem and Resilience Building. Defense for Children Palestine Conference, Hebron November 2015.

Gauci, J. Evaluating the Effect of Participatory Action Research in Communities of Conflict. September 2015. Edinburgh International Federation Social Work Europe Conference

Gauci, J. & Hyde, 0. Social Work Engagement in Communities of Conflict. B.A.S.W. Annual Conference, England March 2014.

Gauci, J. The Essence of Social Work: Meaningful Engagement at times of Loss and Displacement. Moscow Pedagogical Humanitarian Institute. November 2012.

Gauci, J. The Essence as Purpose in Social Work Relationships. Perm Conference Paper November 2011, Russia.

Gauci, J. & Holley, T. The Essential Essence of Social Work Practice. Joint Social Work & Education Conference, July 2011. England.

Gauci, J. Keynote lecture: Therapeutic Social Work Responses to Community Mental Health. Faith, Spirituality and Mental Wellbeing in B.M.E. Communities Conference, 21 September, 2011. Bristol.

Gauci, J. Transformative Social Work Practice. September 2011. Perm Research University, Russia.

Gauci, J. The art of Narrative in SW Practice. September 2010. Perm Research University, Russia.

Gauci, J. Close, J. & Osbourne, N. Moving beyond life story work. Authenticity to Action: Involving Service Users and Carers in Higher Education Conference. Cumbria. November 2009.

Transcultural Research Project
May 16 on-going: Perm Research University and Worcester University – The Contribution of Capacity Based Social Work in Older Persons Services, UK and Russia.

Gauci, J. Reflective consciousness and the heart of engagement in community mental health practice. Spirituality and Mental Health, Gilbert, P. (2011) Pavillion Press

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Gauci, J The role of the Community Social Worker Interpersonal Skills for the People Professions, ( 2009) Scion Publishing.

Gauci, J. 2009 Victims or Survivors: the Protective Rights of Older Adults. Older Adult Care. Duffy, J. & Duffy, T. Reflect Press.