Opportunity to Share Views on Death and Dying at Special Event

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People are being encouraged to share their thoughts on death and dying during a special awareness event next week.

The University of Worcester will be hosting a special tree in its main reception at St John’s Campus throughout Dying Matters Awareness Week, which takes place from Monday, May 18th.

People are encouraged to write down their thoughts on death, dying and bereavement and stick them on the tree. There will also be a stand where people can pick up information about support services available.

In addition, people can drop-in to a one-off session on Thursday morning, May 21st, to talk to other people about their views on death, dying and bereavement.

The event is being hosted in partnership with St Richard’s Hospice, as part of the Centre for Palliative Care, which the University and the Hospice founded together in 2013.

Dr Brian Nyatanga, from the University, said talking about death and dying should be less of a taboo and would help people to live fuller lives.

He is urging people to break down barriers and talk openly with friends and families about their wishes for end of life care and funeral arrangements.

“Losing someone is always going to be a very painful experience, there is no getting away from that,” he said. “But if you have talked about what that person’s wishes were and made proper arrangements, it can take a lot of the stress away from those left behind and allow them to grieve in a more peaceful way.”

“Talking about death and dying is a real taboo in this country and of course it is a very sensitive subject,” he added. “But we need to break through that.”

Members of the Centre for Palliative Care, from both the University and St Richard’s Hospice will be available to talk to at the event on May 21st.

David Knight, Chaplain at St Richard’s Hospice, said: “It’s not weird or depressing to think about what we would like when our lives draw to a close; it’s sensible. It may even be life-enhancing to spend time recognising that all of us will die and to learn to focus on the things that are most important to us.”

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