One of the UK's Top Teachers Shares his Experience with Worcester Trainees

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A leading educationalist delivered an inspiring workshop to trainee teachers at the University of Worcester.

Phil Beadle, described by The Times as ‘the Country’s most inspirational teacher’, and the UK’s Secondary School Teacher of the Year in 2004, spent the day with secondary PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education) students sharing best practice and enthusing them about the profession.

Mr Beadle, an alumnus of the University of Worcester, having achieved his undergraduate degree in English at the Institution, delivered a session on ‘How can you challenge, motivate and engage all pupils’.

Simon Butler, PGCE Professional Studies programme co-ordinator, said: “Our students found it very useful and inspiring to hear from Phil about his experiences in the classroom.

“He shared many anecdotes from his time in inner city schools in London and led workshops exploring how, as a teacher, to best enthuse and motivate pupils.”

Mr Beadle has written a column for the Guardian newspaper for several years. He has written bestselling books including 'Could do Better', which was serialised in the Telegraph and “How to Teach”. He is currently working on 'How to be a Great Teacher: a Handbook for NQTs' [Newly Qualified Teachers].

He is an award winning broadcaster (Royal Television Society Best on screen newcomer 2005), having starred in Channel 4's, 'The Unteachables', where he worked his magic on a group of difficult to engage kids, and presented the series 'Can't Read, Can't Write', in which he taught a group of illiterate adults to read in six months. For Teachers' TV he has produced the 'Phil Beadle Masterclasses', 'A Lesson from the Best' and 'White Working Class Achievement.'