New Youth Initiative Launched at The Hive

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A new initiative has been launched by the University of Worcester to help young people across the region to learn.

 A team of staff and students involved in various aspects of youth work have launched a new homework club and advice service at The Hive.

The aim is to help young people using the new library in Worcester to find what they need and to make the most of the facility.

More than 40 young people turned up to the launch, held during National Youth Work Week.

Kate Thackeray, Lecturer in Youth and Community Studies at the University, said: “It was a great event where we shared information with young people and gained ideas about what they would like. We are now going to develop a plan of action.”

It builds on the University’s extensive work in the field of youth work, which also includes being part of another new initiative, the UK Flagship, a charity aimed at inspiring young people through science and education aboard a purpose-built Marine Research Tall Ship.

The University is collaborating with the UK Flagship in the areas of Access and Inclusion, Education, and Health and Society, providing a valuable evidence-based approach to the design of the Charity’s educational model.

Val Yates, Director of Access and Inclusion at the University, said: “The project at The Hive and the UK Flagship are just two examples of the extensive work that goes on here at the University to improve educational opportunities for young people.

“We also run mentoring programmes in local schools, helping to raise aspirations among teenagers and numerous theatre and sporting workshops.”