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The Motion and Performance Centre (MPC) provides support for teaching, research, consultancy and other forms of income generation for a range of areas within the University, mainly, but not exclusively, those related to Sports and Health.

  • Performance Testing

    For those with a desire to enhance their sport or exercise performance, the MPC offers a number of performance assessments for individual athletes and teams.

  • Performance Analysis

    The MPC offers a video and match analysis service for a wide range of sports.

  • Sports Therapy and Injury Rehabilitation

    The MPC offers a range of injury rehabilitation services such as 3D Gait Analysis and use of the Isokinetic Dynamometer to assess range of motion around most of the body’s major joints.

  • Sports Nutrition

    The MPC offers a range of Sports Nutrition workshops and one to one consultations.

  • Sport Psychology

    The MPC offers individuals and groups the chance to improve on their mental game and ultimately their performance and benefits from experienced staff with expertise in applied Sport Psychology.

  • Educational Workshops

    Workshops can be offered as sports science taster sessions, or targeted towards GCSE, A level and equivalent syllabuses.

  • Health Care

    The Motion and Performance Centre offers numerous opportunities in the Health field.

  • Misura Bike Fitting

    3d bike fitting and cycling biomechanics for individual comfort and performance.

  • Biomechanics

    Motion Analysis in MPC is based around a purpose built laboratory that will allow almost any conceivable workplace or sporting environment to be recreated.

  • Coach Education

    The MPC can offer mentoring support for clubs, coaches and schools as well as offering an evaluation and review process of the mentoring and training methods being utilised.

  • Sport Management

    The MPC has expertise in various strands of Sport Management, particularly in the areas of event management, project feasibility, entrepreneurship, marketing and risk management.

  • Product and Equipment Testing

  • Motion Capture for Animation